Hi I've been doing a Landscaping Project...

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I've been doing a Landscaping Project for a client (another Landscaper) who wanted to make use of my services as they do not have the resources, hence my buisnees being the sub-contractor.

It's a small project, my costs in total +/-R29K of which I received a Deposit of +/- R13K, less than my 50% required.

After we completed the project and supplied all the goods, the client (other Landscaper) with snags/queries ie. grouting not good, cement finish untidy etc - looking for small detailed finishes to complain about. In my opinion the Job has been completed as quoted and specified.

After running back numerous times to attend to the concerns the client now put the folloiwing options to me:

You finish the work to satisfaction as a matter of urgency.
I retain the balance of the money owed to correct your work and reserve the right to claim the balance of any expenses so incurred, which exceed the 50% I am retaining from you
I will be opting for No 2, but do not want to agree to the " reserve the right to claim the balance of any expenses so incurred, which exceed the 50% I am retaining from you"

My questions therefor are:
1. Can the client have a right to hold me responsible for costs exceeding the balance I'm owed for goods and services already supplied

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